You clean.
You wear gloves.
And masks.
Put on the PPE.
You work Tirelessly.

Thank you.

You care so much about your patients. You literally give them the breath of life every time you give them a nasal cannula. Giving the patient a Respiratory Shield takes seconds to do and adds to patient comfort and safety.  Upgrade the nasal cannulas you already use by adding a Respiratory Shield for today's fight against contagious respiratory infections. It's value-based care at its finest.


"It's a great idea because when I did my internship in x-ray the nasal cannulas were always falling on the floor."

Jennifer P, physician assistant

"If you could buy a nasal cannula with a cover,
why would you ever again buy a nasal cannula that doesn't have one?
The Respiratory Shield cannula cover is a great idea."

Linda Egts

"Why didn't I think of this?"