Even better care for them.

Families care.
They care about the cleanliness of your facility.
The friendliness of your staff.
They don't want their loved ones to get sick. They don't want their loved ones to trip over oxygen tubing that wraps around the chair the patient is sitting on. The Respiratory Shield can help solve both of those problems.
Give them another reason to choose you,
give them the Respiratory Shield.


Convenience for you.

Storing a nasal cannula in a sealed plastic bag makes a petri dish out of whatever is already on your resident's nasal cannula. It amplifies the germ payload on the cannula and delivers it into the resident's nose. When a resident gets sick, it's more work for your staff and can lead to more staff sick days, too. Provide a ventilated Respiratory Shield instead. They are easier and faster to use, more durable, and can be attached near the patient
or on the nasal cannula at all times.