Melissa Hartfiel Egts



The nose is a direct route of infection
into the body.

Keep your nasal cannula prongs clean!

I'm living with oxygen. I want to stay as healthy as I am today and I know you do, too.

Another respiratory infection means another round of antibiotics, another hospitalization, more trouble walking up the stairs.

Getting sick hurts your independence.

I am absolutely determined to live my life using oxygen - I work, exercise, travel - and failure is not an option.

Frankly, not breathing is not an option.

No one knows how hard it is for you like I do.

There is no such thing as the five-second rule. It matters that you put your nasal cannula on the couch for a second. Think about it: your dog just sat there. Don't put it back in your nose after it falls to the floor. Don't hang it over a doorknob someone else has touched. The nasal cannula is your lifeline, keep it clean.

You really need to understand that what gets on your nasal cannula prongs gets into your nose and your lungs. Putting your nasal cannula on the couch, on the chair, on a doorknob means the prongs are going to pick up a nasty germ and transfer that germ to you. The prongs are also exposed to other people's gems when they cough and sneeze and anything else that is airborne. Putting your nasal cannula in a Respiratory Shield when it's not on your face solves those problems. And it keeps it from falling on the floor.

Here's where I'm sure my marketing team wants me to say something smooth and wrap up my pitch. But what I really want to say is this:

Life gave you a kick down. Kick it back! Hard.

Do the low salt diet. Exercise. Avoid sick people. Wear the coronavirus mask. It all sucks but you can find workarounds and if you actually do the things your doctor wants you to do guess what? You get better. I did. I still have to use the oxygen but when I first went on it, I was a lot worse. Now I'm back to a pretty full life and I intend to stay there. I am a walking medical miracle and I am so grateful for the oxygen. My husband has a saying, "You answer to the name you call yourself." Call yourself healthy. Call yourself strong. You are. 

I don't even know you, but I care about you. I do. I understand what you are going through. I'm a walking medical miracle (yay science) and I never give up. Now stop breathing clean oxygen through dirty nasal cannula prongs. It doesn't make sense. Get a Respiratory Shield. Heck, get several. I have one on my portable oxygen concentrator, one hanging in my bathroom, and one in my kitchen.  It's a great little device and very easy to use.